Jewelry Investment Casting Powder Lost Wax Casting for Silver and Gold 25 Pounds (26lb. LB)

Price: $69.50
(as of Jun 08,2021 22:32:52 UTC – Details)

It is ideal for casting in Silver and Gold 10K -14K-18K and 22K Gold can also be used to cast Copper and Brass.(Made in the UK)CLASSIC™ offers the following benefits to the jewelry caster: High purity raw materials graded especially for jewelry lost wax casting -Increased refractoriness, better thermal shock resistance during burnout and casting -More user-friendly able to perform in a wider set of parameters -Suitable for all metals especially 18K gold or fine filigree work -Smoother surface finish – less polishing required -Includes all wetting and de-bubbling agents – no need to add before mixing -Smooth creamy consistency during mixing and pouring -CLASSIC™ is easy to break our after casting -Powder/water ratio: 38% -Work time @ 22°C: 8 – 9 minutes -Initial set time: 10 – 12 minutes -Thermal expansion @ 750°C: 0.73% -Setting expansion € 2 hours: 0.45% -Volume Yield per kg powder: 795ml

CASTING POWDER CLASSIC™ by SRS. “Classic” Casting investment powder is widely used by many Jewelry Manufacturers for their production of fine Jewelry.
CLASSIC™ investment Powder is the result of years of Research and Development by SRS, and it represents one of the finest quality investment powder

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