Know-How: The Definitive Book on Skill and Knowledge Transfer for Occasional Trainers, Experts, Coaches, and Anyone Helping Others Learn

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Know How: The Definitive Book for Occasional Trainers, Content Experts, Educators, Mentors, Coaches, and Even Parents, by Harold D. Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps, is for people with the know-how that someone else requires. It is written for those who need to transfer knowledge to others: subject matter experts, proficient performers, managers, coaches, co-workers, and even parents.
Learning and development professionals are experts in many areas, and we often feel driven to transform what we have learned about training and learning into a useful tool that anyone can readily access and apply. Learning the best methods and practices for transferring our knowledge to those who need it is critical for us and for our trainees to be successful. Adding to the sustained success and influence of their previous books, especially
Telling Ain’t Training, and incorporating feedback they have received over the years, Stolovitch and Keeps have written a fun, effective guide for readers who find themselves in the role of trainer, tutor, guide, coach, consultant, or helpful advisor.
The book’s 13 chapters each focus on a single theme and are sequenced like stepping-stones to help you understand how to best transfer know-how to those who learn from you. Chapters include brief explanations, guidance, tools, activities, tangible and accessible examples of real-world applications, and a summary exercise to reinforce your retention of key points.
Know How provides you with what you need now to quickly get people learning and up-to-speed. No fumbling, bumbling, rambling, or messing with people’s heads―this book delivers know-how and that’s all.

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