Libeauty Lash Lift and Tint Kit, Brow Lamination and Tint Kit, Black Eyelash Dye and Lift 2 in 1, Voluminous Tinting Make Lash Lifted and Black 6-8 Weeks KERATIN DIY at Home (lash lift&tint kit)

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Product Description

Libeauty Eyelash Perm Kit Make Your Eyes More Awake and Energetic !

Libeauty Lash LiftLibeauty Lash Lift

LiBeauty Lash Lift And Tint , Making The Lash Glossy and Mega Curl

Libeauty Lash lift and tint lotions are water-based, easy to use and easier to remove.
Good for new beginner or professional salon, it is safe without Sodium Bromate or Animal test Cruelty Free!.
The Glue is Clear and Strong , it is different from other glue. Ours is Strong and set the lashes on the silicone very neat and stable. At the same time is very easy to remove , just with water ,only water ! DIY Eyelash perm and tinting at home or new greener practice.
The Silicone pads is designed very soft to fit eyelids( if it deforms, put it in the hot water for 15 seconds , then it will become the original shape again) . The frosted surface make the lashes stay onside ,this is the key point on to have a nice lash lift and tint effect.
Create extra curl for your lashes, without eyelash extensions and no Lash Curler Needed or no mascara crave extra curl for their natural lashes.
Libeauty Eyelash lift and tint kit lifts up your lashes up to 6– 8 weeks. and the lashes curl is nice , one by one is lifted neatly , no burning damage. Clients love our lash lift kit.
some other brand has good lotion, but no good glue. Here in the kit , we have strong water-based glue and softer silicone pads. it help you do the work smoothly and fast.
Take half an hour treatment, then get a voluminous and black eye look . such as dramatic DD curl, a glamour D curl or natural C curl, Or Mega L curl.

Libeauty Black Lash Lift And Tint keep 6 Weeks Glossy & Black

lash lift and tint

lash lift and tint

lash lift and tint

lash lift and tint

lash lift and tint kit

lash lift and tint kit

Fuller Starter Kits For Lash Tint and Tint !

The kit Including:

one Libeauty Lash Lift Kit: Lift lotion +Set Lotion+nutrition care +cleanser+silicone pads+lash lift glue+brush tool
one black tint kit: black tint cream+3% oxidant developer +brush tool
Complete Kit Combo Pack Starter Kit ! Professional Usage or Make up at home are both OK. You could use just for lash lift or just for tint ,or both together.

How to use the libeauty LASH Lift&Tint –Effective kit


Attach lash on the silicone pads by using Libeauty lash lift glue.
Apply Libeauty (1) Lift lotion for 7 minutes,and remove it.
Mix (2) Set Lotion & 3%Oxidant & Black tint ,the lotions rate is 1:1:2 (stirring 3 minutes,Until the mixed cream change into full black color,apply on lash from base to tips ,fully cover every lash for 15 minutes )
Remove all lotions, and apply the Nutrition care lotion.

Mega and fuller eye look after lash Lift & Tint

EASY APPLICATION: Easy to use & long last Fuller ,Lash tinting gives your eyelashes a thick, full look . If you have light lashes, lifting dying them can give them a more voluminous appearance .
You can lift and tint your own eyelashes for a long-lasting look without the use of or mascara. It is safe and effective and smug and water proof.
Good for Salon Eyelash makeup or DIY Eye lash perm with friends at home or sharing eye makeup video with your social media fans.

lash lift and tintlash lift and tint

Libeauty’s Professional Advice For Lash Lifting and Tinting !

Look At The Picture, Can You Get The Key Point Of Libeauty’s Eye Lash Tint & Lift Methods ?

Key Point 1 : Libeauty uses it’s clear Lash Lift Glue , attaching lashes on the silicone pads one by one neatly in the first step of lash lifting.
Key Point 2: Libeauty just apply it’s LASH LIFT lotion on the middle of the eyelash. Don’t apply on the tips of the lash in the second step of eyelash lift. (Thinner Lash –5 minutes, Thicker Lash –8 minutes) Don’t cove any plastic film / towel /tape on the eyes!
Key Point 3: Mix (2 )Set Lotion &3%Oxidant &Black tint ,the lotions rate is 1:1:2 (stirring 3 minutes,Until the mixed cream changes into full black color,then apply on lash from base to tips,lotions should cover each lash fully and wait for 15 minutes ).
Key Point 4: Libeauty will do the Lash daily aftercare everyday with lash lift aftercare ( this is The No.3 Care in the Lash Lift Kit) .Then it can help you keep the lash shape into volume shape for 6–8 weeks.

LONG TIME LASH LIFTING AND BLACK TINTING— : Keep the lash lifted and black for 6–8 weeks. This is a simple way to change eyes more beautiful instantly. Say goodbye to lash extensions or heavy mascara.
VISIBLE RESULTS AT ONCE: Great fuller starter kit for eyelash lift and tint, lift your lash into a glossy volume and longer looking. You could see different at once. Voluminous and Black !
EASY TO USE AT HOME DIY– Lotions are easy to apply and remove off. Less irritation and less burning, very good for you to share something interesting in Social Media.
Use many times – 1 set is available for 10-12 people. Beauty salons usually charge 150$ for a single session,save your money and time, mini package design makes the storage easier.

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