Life in the World’s Oceans

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The Great Courses teams with the Smithsonian to produce a vivid exploration of life in the world’s oceans. In 30 lectures, Professor Sean K. Todd of the College of the Atlantic and one of the world’s leading marine biologists, takes you on a journey from the beginning of life on Earth four billion years ago to the environmental factors and international treaties and protocols that affect our oceans today. With an easygoing manner and an infectious passion for his topic, Professor Todd shares the latest research from the field’s most fascinating areas of study, including marine-mammal intelligence and communication, bioluminescence, exploration of the ocean floor, and the Smithsonian’s own cutting-edge research work around the world, including the Great Barrier Reef. You’ll learn about life from the smallest phytoplankton that provides about 50 percent of all atmospheric oxygen to the blue whale, the largest animal ever known to have lived on Earth. Professor Todd takes you to the deepest ocean floor to reveal a pathway to life in the absence of sunlight, discovered only a few decades ago. And in an exciting exploration of marine mammals, you’ll learn about instances of tool use, planning, cooperation, communication, learning from other animals, and the ability to recognize oneself in the mirror, a potential step toward self-awareness. Life in the World’s Oceans will help you understand and appreciate the magnificence of the marine environment—and how much we have to lose if do not protect it now.

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