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Skillshare is a marketplace-type platform that allows you to publish online video training. It is possible to become a trainer on Skillshare. There are many platforms to publish online courses and Skillshare and one of the best, if not the best, and it is for this reason that I am going to show you how to use this platform to make a living income. from supplement to salary.

I use this platform and it is the one I prefer, the hosting of the videos is efficient and ergonomic, the presentation of the course is done in a logical way, and the payment is made each month on the same date. You also don’t have to be a professional to post a course on Skillshare, just the urge to teach a skill.

Know that selling courses online allows you to earn money differently and especially passively. The advantage is that you will be working on a course at some point, and it will allow you to generate money over the long term, ie passively. Then by repeating this over several courses, you will be able to create your source of passive income. All while teaching what you love and what you know. If you want to create additional income or want to start a profitable online business with a view to financial independence, then work on posting online courses to Skillshare.

  • To share your knowledge
  • To teach online
  • To create a profitable business over the long term
  • To create passive income
  • For a salary supplement
  • For financial freedom
  • In this book I will introduce you to the platform and how it works. I will then show you how to get started in creating a course from a solid foundation. I will then give you tips for recording your course. We will then see how to host your course on Skillshare step by step, with the downloading of the videos, the introductory paragraph or the visual. Then I’ll walk you through how to grow sales to generate significant income on Skillshare. Finally, I will give you advice based on my experience on the platform.

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