Make Money At Home As A Marketing Consultant – Quickly, Cheaply And With Almost No Hassle

I was recently training a person on how to be a marketing consultant from

home…and he asked my favorite question — what I call “the money question”.

He asked what I would do first if I was starting out with just $500 in my pocket?

What medium would I spend it on and what would my message be?

Here’s what I told him:

I would use the phone (or pay someone else to use the phone) and I would save the


And I would contact small business owners and my scripting would be simple and

“rejection proof.”

Specifically, I would say:

“Hello, Mr. Business Owner, my name is Tom, and I have a way that I can

increase your sales for your business without spending any more money on

advertising. Could I take 15-20 minutes and tell you a little bit more about it?”

And it would work. Even if I fumbled over my words and even if I didn’t have a clue

how to sell.

Why am I so confident it would work?

Two reasons:

1.) 99% of small business owners want and need to increase their sales without

spending any extra money. And offering a way to do this for them is like offering

food to a starving crowd. They want to hear more and they want to now what you’ve

got to say.

2.) These small business owners are getting contacted constantly by traditional media and advertising mediums like the newspaper, radio, direct mail, coupons, the

Internet, etc.

And when you go around what everyone else is doing and simply call small business

owners and say something they WANT to hear and know more about, it catches their

ear. It gets them asking you how you can help them. You don’t have to “sell” them

on anything. They want to know more automatically.

It’s so simple almost everyone misses it. And yet, you can quickly build a thriving

marketing consulting business from home with a simple phone and the script

above. With little or no rejection, and within just a few weeks.

Source by R. Johnston

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