Make Money Online Rookie Guide 3 – Two Best Ways to Improving Your Site’s Conversion Rate

How to make money online as a rookie? It is fairly easy. Make sure that you have a healthy stream of online traffic into your sites and that you have a great conversion rate, that is, turning web traffic into sales. This article will discuss the two easiest and best ways to guide you into making money online and improving your site’s conversion rate.

The first step to increasing your web site’s conversion rate by making sure you have identified your target audience well enough to create web pages that contain exactly what they are looking for. By far the biggest error that an online entrepreneur can make is when they drive all search engine results into just one page and assume people will take their time to browse through their entire website for something that concerns them. So avoid it. Most of the people who use search engines are looking for a web page that directly answers what they are looking for. If what they are looking for is not immediately found on the web page, they may not bother searching through entire site just to find it. It simply takes too much time and is too big of a hassle. Target your market properly and direct them to specific parts of the site that would readily give them what they are looking for. If you do not pay heed to this particular detail, you will lose a lot of potential clients.

Another way to get a higher conversion rate for your site is making sure that you use search engine optimization tools properly. It is perfectly understandable to take advantage of the power of keyword density and prime your website’s content for the best search engine optimization as possible. But overdoing it will not help you to make money online. There are a lot of people and online entrepreneurs who tweak or attempt to optimize their sites too much for their own business’ good that it actually does them a dis-utility. Optimizing the content to the point that it has become incomprehensible cannot be good for your business at all. Although people can easily find you and you may have the highest of rankings, if your site does not follow through by providing information related to the keywords, it is highly likely that people would not want to do business with you. Search engine optimization can be a double edged sword for many businesses. The proper use of keywords can help a lot in pouring in revenue. Overdoing it can be lethal to your online business.

The above will hopefully guide you on how to covert more revenue from your site’s visitors. Remember that you must always be on top of every aspect concerning your business in order to become and remain successful.

Source by Kenny Loh

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