Make Money with Your Phone: Add an Easy $2,000 to Your Monthly Balance with These Passive Income Streams and Skills Which You Can Completely Run with Only Your Phone

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What if you could comfortably pay for that $5 cappuccino every morning, without having to check your wallet first? Or if you could eat diner at your favorite restaurant more often than you’d have to worry about paying the bills? What if your job would only consist of fidgeting around with your phone, earning money on your own schedule? All of that through a device which fits in your pocket!

Without any significant investment or background you could be living a life worthy of envy, by engaging into the world of online money making. No more everyday chores around the house, no more paying to go swimming when you have your own pool at home, imagine this ideal lifestyle right in front of you and imagine how you current life would change if you had just one of these remotely operated income streams!

We’ve all heard the repetitive sequel "go to school, study well, go to college, get a diploma and land a job", but is is actually worth it? A copywriter makes three times the income of a junior attorney in their first year alone, from a cellphone! Learning used to be ritual, a master teaching an apprentice, but institutionalized education created this illusion that you need a diploma to support your value, when in reality all you need is a smartphone

Some of these skills and businesses are in fact skill sets that are outstandingly valuable and in high demand, allowing for a comfortable five figure monthly income, or $120,000 annually. To put it into perspective the median household income in America is just above $60,000.

In this book you are going to learn about:

  • How passive income generating assets are built on a phone
  • Which streams of income fit YOU the best
  • How to raise and empire of digital assets
  • The high income skills that pay over $10,000 a month
  • How anyone can master these practices with little or no investment
  • Break free from financial insecurity and start living the life you truly desire, working comfortably from home, a couch or exotic destinations, using only your smartphone in combination with the skills and passive income you’ll start generating after reading this book!

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