Make Money With Your Terrible Writing: Writing Advice, How to Build a Story, Start a Blog, Make Money Online, Amazon Affiliate Marketing 101 & Free eBook Publishing

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JD Myers is a veteran print journalist who clawed himself out of abject poverty selling his writing online. Make Money With Your Terrible Writing is different than most Amazon books on the topic in that it is realistic, written by an author who understands the struggle and makes no claim of overnight success.

Half writing guide, half sales advice, if you're looking for a guru book, you will be sorely disappointed.

Who is this book for?
This book is for the struggling writer out there with no idea how to get started. This two-parter walks you through both the act of writing and how to go about getting paid for it.

Who is this book not for? 

Someone looking for an inspirational tale by a writer counting his millions after some ingenious scheme. The author is still out there grinding, just like you. This is a sobering, yet optimistic look at what it takes to make money writing online in 2019.

If you're looking for no BS writing advice this is just the guide.

Topics covered in this book:

* My writing background
* Realistic outlook on making money as a writer
* The writing process, forcing yourself to write and mastering self-doubt
* Basic story building fundamentals
* Boosting word counts
* Clients to avoid
* Negotiating your rate, promoting yourself and acing your pitch
* Common guru nonsense
* Writing X rated content
* Self-publishing a newspaper
* Writing for Amazon
* Publishing your book for free

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