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There are thousands of people everyday looking for ways to make money online. It’s a never ending flood of curious opportunity seekers who are desperate for answers and for something that works.

My inbox is full of offer after offer to tell me the “secrets” of the millionaires, internet gurus, top marketers… I wonder sometimes if these guys know that their secrets are in my spam box?

So much for their super secret stuff.

There are no real secrets to making money online. There are really no shortcuts either. No matter what you may read or hear, the real money made online takes real work.

I wish I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard about some new software invention that was going to “automate” all my income problems. Oh give me a break.

The fact is, the only way to make money online, offline, or anywhere for that matter, is to engage people and provide a valuable product or service to a market willing to exchange money for that product or service.

That’s it. No real shortcuts.

If you want to start making money online you can either:

Invest a lot of TIME to learn

  • Internet Marketing
  • SEO and Keyword Management
  • Web Development
  • Creative Design
  • Chromotherapy
  • Sales letter creation
  • Web Server Management
  • And much more…

Invest a lot of ENERGY in

  • Staying up late reading and studying materials
  • Trial and error ideas
  • Trying to install scripts, html code, server settings, etc.
  • Manually posting links
  • Tedious and strenuous marketing efforts

Invest TONS of MONEY in

  • Courses and training
  • Software
  • Web sites
  • Tools
  • Merchant services
  • Product licenses
  • Product development
  • Testing
  • Compliance
  • Processing

Or you can hire a professional who spends his/her days learning all this anyway… and pay them to set your Online Business up for you. Didn’t you know you could do that?

Professional setup

You can do a lot of things yourself but do you really want to take all the extra time it will take to do it yourself when you could have a professional do it for as little as $100?

Solid Products/services that convert to income

If you’re going to make any money online someone is going to have to buy something. If you are working with quality products and services, that’s a lot easier. Always work with quality when you can.

Solid payment interface to make sure you get paid

You want to get paid FAST when you are making money online. You don’t want to wait two weeks or a month to see results. You want a system that pays you pretty fast so that you can see it working and enjoy the benefits right away.

Performance Guarantee of some kind

The nice thing about working with Professionals is… they should stand behind their work. I pay a fee, they setup my online niche business and I start making money… that day. Not a month… not two weeks…. not even a week. 24 hours.

If I don’t get some kind of performance guarantee, I take a pass. I want that professional on the hook by his own promises in writing to deliver for me. I don’t want to have to argue with anyone. If its in black and white on their offer or site most honest businesses will honor a performance guarantee of some kind.

Once you are making $100 – $1,000 a day online… you can start looking at more comprehensive ideas and maybe making money on your own products and getting all fancy.

But to start off, until you’re making $1,000 a day, stick with the pros and let them get you up there. You’ll save so much time, money, energy and aggravation by simply using WISDOM and letting the right people do the job right… the first time.

Source by Michael J. Peterson

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