Making Money Online – Select the Right Website Software

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Making Money Online – Selecting the Right Website Software will help you find the right tools to start and build your online presence. Many websites are intended to inform, teach, support, or engage people in discussion.

This book will help you identify the best ways for you to establish a website for the purpose of making money. It examines the options for starting and growing an online business and explains the difference between a blog, a website, and an e-Commerce store.This book explains the different options available to you, the cost of each, and the ability of each product to support the growth of your online business. It reviews the best products available for blogging and building websites on the Internet.

Some of the products reviewed are simple and straightforward. Others will require a lot more time and work. None of the products reviewed here are "get-rich-quick" schemes. None of them are scams.

The website building products reviewed in this book fall into the following four categories:
1.Blog Platforms
2.Website Builders
3.Content Management Systems
4.Affiliate Marketing Education Programs
All have one thing in common; they use monetized websites. A monetized website is a website whose purpose is to make money. The purpose is to help you enjoy the work you do and meet your online money-making objectives.

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