Mental Models: 30 Tools To Master Logic And Productivity

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Have you ever wondered what separates the most successful people from the rest of us? Is it superior genetics, or better education? Not at all! The real reason some people are able to reach top levels of performance is their reliance on mental models. They have learned and integrated systematic thinking into their own mental toolbox. They can leverage these models to produce better than average results.

A mental model is just a simplified way of looking at a more complex problem. It allows you to more easily understand and reach an accurate conclusion. You may not be aware, but you use models every day. A map is an example of a model that most people understand. When you leave your house to go to work you don’t need to constantly consult written directions, you have internalized the map. You have a mental model of how to get to work. This saves you time and simplifies your life. Now imagine being able to internalize mental models for different and more complex types of problems.

Author, Kevin Wagonfoot, covers 30 mental models that you can use to improve any facet of your life. The book is broken down into eight chapters, each containing several relevant models. Chapters include:

  • Decision Making
  • Dealing With Others
  • Understanding
  • Creativity
  • Reasoning
  • Negotiating
  • Learning
  • Working

While there are literally thousands of different mental models out there, this book serves as a guide to understanding some of the most basic and broadly applied models. If you have ever wanted to streamline your thought process, increase your mental horsepower, or just simplify your life… Buy this Book Today!

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