Minutes Not Money: You Can’t Win the Game if You Don’t Know the Rules

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When my oldest daughter turned eighteen and moved away to college, I realized that I had missed everything. My career as a pilot had cost me life’s most precious minutes that no amount of money could replace. I missed ball games, birthdays, school plays, and holidays. I even missed the birth of my youngest daughter, Jessica. I was in Great Falls, Montana, when I got the call from home telling me that my wife was going into labor. "Good luck!" was all I could say. I was faced with the brutal realization that it didn’t matter how much money I had since I couldn’t spend my time the way I wished. This awakening triggered my pursuit of the truth behind money and wealth.

With no one to show me the ropes, it took me the better part of twenty years to discover that I am genuinely wealthy and free when I can spend 100% of my time however I wish. To do this, I needed to acquire money without using a lot of my time, a seemingly impossible task for a small-town boy whose family had lost everything, including our home, when I was twelve years old. But I learned how and so can you.

This book is a simple compilation of the knowledge I have accumulated from very wealthy and successful people. It can help you generate more time and money and is designed to help you take your life back. If I can help you miss one less school play, ballgame, or even a birthday, I will consider this book a success. Time is all that matters; you can never make more of it. The last sixty seconds are gone forever.

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