Modern Day Passive Income: From Flipping Websites to Decentralized Finance, Make Money No Matter How Automated the World Gets

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Since you were old enough for “career day” at school, making money to live seemed simple. Go to college, learn a skill, get a job, build a 401k, etc.Now you’ve heard the news. Economists predict robots and AI will displace 40% of all jobs by the end of this decade. In fact, we already lost a chunk of jobs to automation during the recent pandemic. Even traditionally “safe” white collar jobs like copywriters, accountants and lawyers are growing scarcer by the hour. Not only is artificial intelligence more efficient, its progress to super intelligence is exponential. Only the most qualified workers will survive. For now.Did you know AI is already starting to build web pages in mere seconds? Is already writing full blog articles? Is already translating legal jargon into layman terms?Is replacing PAs on film sets and line cooks in kitchens?Eventually self-driving cars will eliminate millions of jobs worldwide- from truck drivers to parking attendants. So what jobs will be left in the future? The MOST PASSIVE JOBS will be left. In this future, you won’t have to live at work. Instead, you’ll be able to WORK AT LIVING.Start now to stay ahead of this curve. In this book, you won’t just learn all the innovative ways to make TRULY PASSIVE income in our modern society, including DeFi and how to stake cryptocurrencies. You’ll also learn how to build real wealth and gain financial freedom for life.Take back control of your own time, your own financial health and well-being. Actual work can be a thing of the past. In fact, let AI and robots do the actual work!Chapters include:1) Sharing and Renting Out Assets2) Arbitrage and Flipping Assets3) Investing in Businesses(Including Commissions, dividends and royalties)4) Artificial Intelligence5) Using Cryptocurrencies6) Decentralized Finance

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