Money Wisdom: 3 main ways to earn money (vol)

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l was once told a story, about a man who looking towards the heavens charged at the Almighty and asked ‘Lord! he yelled, why am l so poor!!!’Only for the Lord to look down from the heavens, and answering the man, say to him, ‘You, why are you so poor?’Poverty is not a lack of opportunity (because you can create your own opportunities), neither is it a lack of resources (as they abound) it is mainly a lack of resourcefulness, drive and wisdom.l often say, there are no truly poor people only lost people.In the subject of wealth and prosperity, I find that too many people approach it with: nonchalance, fear, ignorance, apathy or greed.The good news is this -just as with everything else in life, prospering is a choice! When we make the transition from the mentality of, what can l personally gain to the mentality of l am a solution center, then and only then, are we able to realize and manifest true and lasting prosperity.This ebook is actually a workbook, which may serve as a refresher course for some but for others will serve as the trigger necessary for their next phase. Whatever the case, it is my prayer that it will leave you definitely better than it found you. Thank you.Yours Sincerely,O.N.E

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