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Household chores are chores that only need to be done once to be complete such as take out trash or get mail. These cards have a writable space which allows parents to be specific with each chore. There are checkboxes to select if the chore card is the child’s responsibility or if it is a chore that the child can earn tickets for & how many tickets each chore can earn. Tickets can then be redeemed for items, within the parent’s parameters, that will motivate your child such as screen time, money, or used to purchase other reward items like extra playtime, playdate, or items at a family store.

Please note: Ticket cards are not included in this deck. You can supply your own or purchase NEATLINGS Self-Care Chore Deck(s) which includes child specific chores & coordinating tickets & comes in colors purple, pink, light blue, red, dark blue & yellow. Also consider NEATLINGS Chore Chart System & NEATLINGS Erasable Pens.

HOUSEHOLD DECK INCLUDES: Clean Garage, Outside Work, Clean Play Room, Clean Bathroom(s), Clean Dining Room, Clean Family Room, Clean Kitchen, Clean Living Room, Clean Arts & Crafts Area, Clean Bathroom Mirror(s), Clean Bathroom Sink(s) & Counter(s), Clean Shower/Bathtub, Clean Toilet(s), Fill Hand Soap & Replace Towels, Clean Microwave, Clear & Wipe Down Table, Load Dishwasher, Unload Dishwasher, Set Table, Make Meal(s), Unload Groceries/Shopping, Wash Dishes, Wipe Cabinet Fronts & Appliances, Fold Laundry, Match Socks, Wash & Dry Load(s) Of Clothes, Get Mail, Pick Up Outside Toys, Shovel Snow or Rake Leaves, Wash Vehicle, Weed Garden & Pick Up Sticks, Clean Up After Pet(s), Exercise Pet(s), Feed Pet(s), Vacuum Couch & Chair Cushions, Vacuum Room(s), Wash Floor(s), Wash Windows, Wipe Down Knobs, Switches & Railings, Take Out Recycling, Take Out Trash, Clean Glass Surfaces, Dust Room(s), Plant Care, Clean Shoe & Coat Area, Sweep Floor(s), Two Blank Chore Cards & a Ticket Redemption Card.

Create your own chore chart /reward chart system

★55 CARDS TOTAL: 54 Household Chore Cards and 1 Ticket Redemption Card.
★POSTIVE PARENTING TOOL: Parents set what chores are expected and which are rewarded. Use alone or with a NEATLINGS Chore Chart System
★EMPOWER CHILDREN: Works for readers and beginning readers. Set specific and consistent expectations.
★EMPOWER PARENTS: Gives parents a plan to teach kids household tasks, instill responsibility & balance work and play.
★EASY TO USE: Parents select chores->Kids do chores and earn tickets->Kids redeem tickets for rewards.

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