New Passive Income Ideas 2021

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New Passive Income Ideas 2021

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Are you in search of Financial Freedom?

So is the right time to learn about passive income…

If you are an employee, a contractor, or they pay you an hourly rate, this book will radically change the way you see the money and income you receive from your work activity.

>>Passive income is money or resources that you can receive periodically from systems that work autonomously or semi-autonomously. Passive income is also known as income, profit or residual income. When you use passive income generating systems, the money flows continue to arrive regardless of whether you are performing a job or not during a particular period.

On the contrary, the active income (product of salaries, payment of contracts or quotas per hour) disappears very quickly once you stop working actively: If the company dismisses you, you run out of payroll. If you do not meet your contracts in time, there are no payments. If you do not serve your customers, you do not receive your fees. When you work as an employee, the value you generate is given to only one person (your boss) and therefore, is the only person who pays you. It’s like having a business with a single client (very risky, by the way).

>>When you work with passive income systems, you can share the same value you generate with many people. If what you produce is useful, more people will want to pay to obtain it. The more skillful you become producing and delivering value to people, the higher your passive income streams will be.

>>Passive income is not a scheme that promises to turn you into a millionaire overnight (although it is a favorite of rich people), but it does offer you a much smarter method to work and make money. The construction of income generating systems is hard work, but the results are fantastic.

>>Passive income is based on powerful concepts such as value creation, service to people, generosity and your continuous personal development.

If you want to improve your finances and your relationship with money, this book will help you find your way.

If you are an entrepreneur or you are interested in creating a passive income, you cannot stop reading this book. The information you will find in it will be for you as “24-carat gold”.

What will you receive from this book?

– When you finish reading this book (or before), you will be able to create your flow of passive income starting from scratch.

– You will learn the difference between passive income (profit) and active income (wages).

– You will understand that it is possible to earn money without having a boss or a fixed-time job.

– You will be able to find ideas for generating income and executing them effectively.

– You will learn the basics to create an automated system for the generation of passive income on the Internet or in the physical world.

– You will have enough tools to work on the elimination of limiting beliefs for your personal and professional development.

– You will be able to create the first flow of long-term passive income.

The only chance to improve your future is to start doing it today!

Buy it Now and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book!

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