Online Data Entry – Factors Influencing Income in Data Entry Jobs

There is real money in home based jobs such as data entry and it can be a very profitable business or occupation to anybody but contrary to common belief it is not as easy as they say it is. Like in any paying job or business in this occupation if you don’t work hard and persevere you will not thrive and succeed. There are five major factors that will determine how you will thrive and determine your income in this business and the following are: skills, work attitude, time, effort and degree of difficulty of projects given. In this occupation you will get what you give-nothing more and nothing less!


Data entry jobs do not require highly specialized skills but in order to be able to do the job well you should at least know how to type, manipulate the computer, familiar in surfing the internet and have a good grasp in the English language. A college diploma and professional clerical experience are not necessarily required but at least you should be a high school graduate.

Right Work attitude

Even if you can type with the speed of a lightning and you are an internet and computer whiz if you don’t have the required attitude you will not thrive in this business. As important as the basic skills requirements you should also need to demonstrate in every project that you have no problem following instructions, you have discipline in the management of your time (working from home has lots of distractions and you have to be disciplined to be on time in accomplishing projects), you are a hard worker and most of all you respect deadlines. In every project you have to prove to your clients that you are a reliable service provider and if you can’t you will have difficulty in getting g projects. Your skills will help you open doors in this business and your work attitude will sustain you and help you prosper.


Most data entry job programs will promise you that in this business you will earn as much as $300 a day for just rendering an hour or two of work. The real deal is, this is not a money scheme. This is a job. Meaning to say you will get paid depending on the time you have given to the project unlike in affiliate marketing or networking that you earn based on commissions. Your earning possibilities are only limited by work willingness to work hard and time.


This is not a stress free job. Even if this is home based and you are your own boss you have to follow the project specifications seat by your clients and their deadlines. You have to work hard to meet expectations and to meet your earning targets.

Degree of difficulty of projects

Jobs in this field can be easy to difficult. Some projects will not require much knowledge, time and skills like copy pasting all information found in a particular website and sending them to your client every day. Other projects are very tedious and require fast typing speed, research, editing and et cetera. Hence, some projects will only pay you less than five dollars an hour while others will pay you more.

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Source by Jenny D. Axalan

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