Online Marketing Secrets: Three Best Ways to Earn a Living Working at Home – Instagram, Freelancing and Instant Expert Business

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Have you tried other business ideas that don’t seem to work for you? Then this is perfect for you.
Finally, something that works and something easy to implement and doesn’t require huge capital to start.

Are you wondering how to really create a new source of predictable income online?

Here’s a preview of what you’ll uncover in this bundle:

Instagram Money Secrets
– Sell imported products on Instagram without creating your own ecommerce website!
– Where to find products that you can get for practically free…or a steal at worst!
– How to find the markets that are more likely to make money for this business model
– The exact kind of products to promote on Instagram…this is KEY to selling hundreds if not thousands on Instagram
– How to create Instagram content that attracts followers and future buyers!
– The types of content to create for your own Instagram page
– How to craft a post that gets loyal followers…for free.
– How to make them raise their hand and know exactly who you can sell your product to
– The PM strategy that will get you from ZERO to thousands of dollars per month…without annoying anyone when you sell your product
– The importance of hashtags and how to know what to use and how many…revealed inside too!

Freelancing Bible
– How to find a hungry buying market
– What platforms to use for first-time freelancers
– 6 things to do to get really good at your craft in 1 month or less
– The #1 mistakes most newbie freelancers are making…and why this hinders them in getting good at their chosen skill
– How to test out a product or service so you’ll know exactly if you should continue selling or not
– How to test your offers so you’ll know exactly what’s going to be profitable or not
– Should you increase your price or not? Why? Why not?
– Why the follow up is the most important thing you could ever do as a freelancer
– 4 Keys to earning money consistently as a freelancer…six figure earners do these and others don’t!
– Where 50% of your money will come from and why you should know how to use this as your leverage

Instant Expert
– How to earn six figures per year as a coach or consultant/freelancer
– How to craft your perfect offer from start to finish… after this, you’ll know exactly what to sell
– How to choose the right market for your service
– 5 proven strategies for building rapport and trust to your possible clients
– How to create content that makes potential clients like you and trust you
– The art of closing a sale and earning thousands per client
– Why you need to make them schedule a strategy call with you
– The best scheduling website and call app to use for freelancers and premium coaches/consultants
– The 10 step process of making a client go from not knowing you to paying your thousands in an hour or less conversation
– The script that you can follow to go from ZERO client to closing deal left and right without being pushy or salesy

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