ONLINE PASSIVE INCOME: How to Make Money on the Internet in 2019 with Dropshipping and Amazon FBA and create a Web Based Business

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Internet has changed everything for business owners.

Computers and online services can now automate a lot of the work you usually had to do yourself.

Building a Passive Income Business is simple, but not easy. You have to create your own system that sells products and delivers them automatically, and systemize the procedures that you would usually take care of.

Is that possible? Yes, absolutely. But you need to know how.

This bundle contains two books and will explore two different methods to build a passive income on the Internet selling physical products you don’t even need to ship.


Thanks to the drop shipping strategy, it is no longer necessary to manage large stocks of products to enter the world of ecommerce and start working online.

This book is a step-by-step guide to dropshipping, which allows you to start selling online without any initial investment and without having to worry about shipments and allows us to focus on marketing, advertising and our sales funnel.

Designed for beginners, it still contains many interesting ideas with strategies to increase the conversion rate or the effectiveness of the adverts.

We will discover the mechanisms allowing you create a store without inventory, or to sell with a private label, that is a brand completely new and our property, on Amazon using Amazon’s logistics, Amazon FBA.

We will learn how to create a customized product to distinguish ourselves from the competition with a unique offer, how to enhance it and how to convince those who purchased our product to come back in the future.

We will then describe the mechanisms for advertising on Facebook, on Google Ads and some methods for acquiring buyers and for doing up-selling and cross-selling to expand our dropshipping store revenue.


If you want to start your own online business on Amazon, this is your book.

Amazon FBA is the system that allows online entrepreneurs to sell without the need of shipping orders.

You got it right. You’ll be able to sell on Amazon and let Amazon handle stocks, packing and shipping for you. But you get to keep the money!

How’s that possible? Very simple. Amazon allows us to use their own warehouses, logistics and manpower to sell online.
You can use Amazon FBA to sell on the Amazon marketplace, or to create our own ecommerce and still use all advantages from FBA at a tiny price.

We’ll describe how to start working online creating our own Amazon FBA business.
• How to plan our job for the future
• The science behind a profitable product
• Get in touch with a supplier and purchase our first product
• Create an Amazon Seller account
• Publish our product on Amazon
• The secrets to rank your products on first page
• How to launch a product and get the first sales
• Increase traffic and product sales
• Create brand value over time

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