Opted Out of the *Real Job*: Build Your Small and Smart Online Teaching Business

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Are you venturing in the online teaching world overwhelmed and lacking focus?

Do you find yourself struggling to turn your ideas into income so people will stop asking you to find a *real job*? 

You’ve heard of people teaching online, and you’re both attracted and intimidated by the idea. If it was just about teaching, you’d be happy to share all you know on your blog, a podcast or a youtube channel.

  • But how can you make a business out of it so it doesn’t overwhelm you, stress you out, turn you into a sleazy sales person or a lifeless money-making machine?

  • Can you sell what you know with integrity and honesty, impacting and transforming people’s lives?

  • Do you need some special skills to teach online, or can you start small right now, polish up your system so you work smarter, not harder?


Why Opted Out of the *Real Job?*

Opted Out of the *Real Job* is your concise companion on this journey. It’s for those who want to take action, and it’s written by people who have tried these principles in their own business.

If you wish to transition from your current office or classroom job into teaching online but are afraid of losing your mind and money and are overwhelmed with the marketing ideas, this short book will provide you with realistic advice on how to start small, be consistent, and work from your core values while making impact and income.

In the book you’ll learn how to

  • Use what you know to inspire change by teaching online.

  • Build systems that will help your small business stand out and scale. Sell your expertise, not hours.

  • Work smarter and reach farther. 

We’ve been teaching online for several years, and we understand that the tools have gone through a number of changes. Therefore, Opted Out of the *Real Job* focuses more on the fundamental principles of a small and smart online business that can be applied at any time, such as:

  1. Growth mindset

  2. Ideal client search

  3. Content creation that connects

  4. Website that’s more than a pretty picture

  5. Memorable branding

  6. Niche finding with clarity

  7. Social media strategy that works

  8. Investment into business growth

  9. Delegation

  10. Online course creation, and more!

We wrote this handbook to share our vision and strategy for starting and scaling an online teaching business that can find its audience, zest, and purpose amidst oversized corporate blandness.

Opted Out of the *Real Job* will help you cut through the overwhelm by starting from the core.

Accompanied with a free journal (downloadable link inside), the lessons from each chapter will turn into mini action plans that you can implement in a way that will most benefit your business.

The book is a navigation tool for teachers, coaches and other professionals who want to create a smart system for teaching online without gimmicks, sleazy tactics and tricks that don’t last.

This is the roadmap we’ve used to make our businesses viable in 18 months.

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