Options Market: The Bible of How to Trade Using the Latest Investment Tactics and Techniques. The Best Crash Course on How to Earn Passive Income from Home. Includes Strategies for Beginners.

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Do you want to learn how to trade with the latest investing tactics and techniques? Earn a passive income from home with the best crash course? If yes, then keep reading…

If you have been keen enough then you must have realized that more investors are joining the options market more than the stock market. Stock trading has for a long time been the most popular form of trading on financial markets. You may be wondering if indeed options trading is better than stock trading. One great aspect of options is that they give you an opportunity to do more than just trading. Options have several characteristics that cannot be found in other financial instruments. One such characteristic is the use of Greeks, which are mathematical figures that help estimate the risk associated with each option. Traders can use these figures to avoid some trades that seem too risky.

There are several other differences between options and stocks. When you purchase shares of stock from a certain company, you acquire ownership of the percentage of the company. This means that you can sell off the shares anytime you wish to do so. On the other hand, options do not grant you ownership of stocks. They only represent derivatives of the company’s stocks that are traded on certain predefined terms. 

The main reason why investors purchase stocks is to sell them later when the price goes high. They, therefore, wait for the value of a certain stock to decline before making a purchase, then again wait for the price to go up in order to sell the same. When it comes to options, investors use them as a way of generating income and not necessarily as a form of investment. Options traders are never interested in the underlying stock. Most of them trade on short-term engagements. This is why the options market is always filled with almost all kinds of traders. The trader relies on certain changes in the performance of the option to make money.

Another clear difference between stocks and options is the issue of time. Stocks can be traded for as long as decades. They do not have an expiration period. Once you invest in the stock market, it may take you as little as a few days to as much as several years to close your positions and make a profit. However, this can only happen when the company issuing the shares continues to exist. This privilege is missing in the options market since each option has a specific date of expiration.

Most people who invest in stocks always end up with good profits in the long-term. This is due to the fact that most companies that sell shares keep building their brand portfolio, making it impossible for them to collapse. As the company grows, the share value grows as well. When it comes to options, the value a trader receives at the end of each transaction is very uncertain. Options trading is somehow likened to gambling which may end in a win or loss. Each trade involves a number of aspects that determine the outcome. It is upon the trader to understand these aspects and apply them accurately in order to realize a profit. Ignoring the rules of trade always results in a loss.

This book gives a comprehensive guide on the following:

  • More about options strategies
  • Long strangle
  • In the money, out of the money
  • Buying and selling puts
  • Profit with options strategies and positions
  • Types of options
  • The best 3 ways to improve your options trading education
  • Options trading simulator
  • The best strategies to make money
  • Creating an options trading plan
  • … AND MORE!

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