OXYGEN Analyzer by FORENSICS | 0%-100% with 0.1% resolution | Scuba, Nitrox, Divers | Water Resistant Case |

Price: $199.45
(as of May 28,2021 18:24:54 UTC – Details)

This is our OXYGEN ANALYZER Model O2BOX which is super accurate and easy to use for scuba, nitrox, diving and other testing oxygen levels from sources and oxygen machines. It is made with extra large buttons for easy use. The oxygen analyzer is designed to detect 0 – 100% oxygen levels coming from various supplies and machines where oxygen is made using air and balanced with nitrogen. The analyzer can be calibrated to air in less than 3 seconds with one button calibration. The Product includes the Gas Analyzer, Waterproof User Manual label attached to the case and a water resistance ABS carry case. The product comes with Alkaline 3 x AAA already within the product. Battery operation lasts continuously for over 10 days. Sensor: Honeywell Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor, Response Time < 30sec, Sensor Life: 3 years, O2 Detection Range: 0% - 100%, Error < 0.2% of reading after calibration, O2 Flow required testing: > 0.5 LPM, Storage / Operating Temperature: 14F–130F, Storage / Operating Humidity: <95%RH, Battery: 3 x AAA, Dimension/Weight: 122 x 78x40mm, 175 grams. Product is quality checked, packaged and verified in California, USA. 100% customer satisfaction and quality assurance by real sensor and gas detector engineers in the USA. See our video for demonstration, unboxing and operation.
⚛️ DETECT: Large range 0% – 100% with 0.1% resolution. Made in Germany Honeywell 3 year sensor. Turn ON and GO.
🌷 ACCURATE: Electrochemical oxygen sensor with error < 0.2%.
🎆 DURABLE: Water Resistant Case protects analyzer with water resistant user manual.
💪 STRONG: Made with strong ABS plastic housing. With swivel T-piece for easy measurements.
🕵️ TRUST: ** 1 year limited warranty ** 100% product test and verification in the USA ** 100% quality guaranteed **

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