Paid Surveys – 10 More Tips to Make Sure You Get Paid For Your Opinions

Paid survey companies are constantly on the lookout for participants who are willing to share their opinions in exchange for money. Making sure you get paid and getting the ball rolling is an easy task. You would be rewarded with various prizes in the forms of cash, sweep stake entries, coupons and many more. So to make sure that you really get paid for your work, here are 10 tips you could follow:

1. Dress up your profile- Making your profile look good with lots of honest information is a sure fire way to attract providers. It would be a big help for them because they will match your profile with the available surveys based on your demographics and other data.

2. Work for many survey companies- It is an easy job so you do not have to worry about the pile of surveys that will come to you. It is actually great because the more surveys you answer, the more money you get and you will never run out of work.

3. Always be honest- Your opinions are needed to improve a product or service that they are currently working on, so what companies need from you are honest opinions. If you give each question a thought before answering, companies would want to hire you more than often.

4. Dedicate some time for work- Work up at least a couple of hours per day answering surveys. if you set aside a time for work, you’ll be able to answer and complete a lot of surveys thus getting you more survey invitations.

5. Set up a PayPal account- PayPal is renowned electronic money remittance service which is recognized by most survey companies. It will make your life a lot easier because it does all the conversion and transactions for you.

6. Do it like the Pro- Read up on forums, blogs and other posts to keep updated with the survey industry. Ask for tips on how you can earn more. These people would be more than happy to give you their honest tips and experiences.

7. Use Review sites- These are sites that reviews a survey company. Reviews are usually done by other participants. It also includes rating so you would know if the company is good or not.

8. Do it for free- You do not always have to pay for memberships to get a list of the top surveys. As long as you do your own research, you can find your own list of survey companies.

9. Create an email account- An email account made solely for business is a great way to organize your surveys. Put them into separate folders so you won’t get confused.

10. Be professional- Although paid surveys do not require professionalism, try to be one. Submit on time and meet deadlines, be organized, update your profile if you have to. If you keep this up, you would get more invitations from survey companies.

Source by Agnes Vera Stevens

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