Paiste Traditional Thin Crash 18 in.

Price: $440.00
(as of May 30,2021 14:24:24 UTC – Details)

For subtle accents. Sound Character: Dark, transparent, warm. Loose frequency range, very complex mix. Very sensitive, soft response and feel. Suitable for light ride playing in larger sizes. Introduction: 1996 Background: Re-create lost cymbal sounds from the Blues, Swing, Big Band, Cool Jazz, Be-Bop and Hard Bop era of the 1930’s to the 1960’s. Innovation: First cymbal series to be researched and newly developed to achieve authentic historical sound. Alloy: Patented Signature Bronze Quality: Professional Production: Manual Craftsmanship – Hand Hammering, Hand Lathing, Proprietary Methods Applications: Soft to medium loud settings – Live and Recording – Historic to Modern Jazz, Blues, Swing & Big Band, also well suited for acoustic music Users: Working Musicians, Enthusiasts, Collectors – All players who need traditional sound and feeling in their cymbals Sound: Dark, complex, warm, smoky, with special emphasis on control and stick feeling – Some models feature particularly soft, trashy or dirty qualities Looks: Complex surface structures, distinct hammering patterns and varied lathing patterns – Bare aesthetics consistent with historical cymbals, minimal black silk screening Recognition: Enthusiastic approval from international drumming community – Critical acclaim in percussion magazine reviews

Weight: thin
Volume: soft to medium
Stick Sound: washy
Intensity: fast, lively

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