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This paralegal 4 chart quick reference guide bundle is ideal for all paralegal students and law students. This bundle includes the following quick reference guides. Legal Research Guide – This helpful 4-page 8.5″ x 11″ laminated Guide makes effective and compelling American legal research within the reach of any student or practitioner! This Guide describes the process of effectively finding and utilizing sources of American and international law. The research tips outlined in this Guide cover every conventional legal source, including law reports, digests, and citation services. Legal Writing Guide – 4-page 8.5″ x 11″ laminated Guide outlines strong legal writing skills that are essential to American law students, paralegal personnel, lawyers, and anyone who seeks to communicate American legal concepts in a clear and effective manner. This Guide combines useful grammatical aides with helpful writing and definitional summaries that provide assistance to anyone who values the ability to write persuasively. Contract Law Guide – 4-page 8.5″ x 11″ laminated Guide. American Contract law occupies a place at the heart of both modern consumer transactions and the efficient structure of all Business & Business & Professional Development relationships in the United States. This guide takes the reader through all aspects of contract formation and enforcement with clear summaries and effective cross-references to areas such as Torts and Criminal Law. Professional Ethics Guide – Professional legal ethics is a confusing world to lawyers and non-lawyers alike. This 4-page laminated study Guide helps the reader gain valuable information concerning key aspects of Legal Ethics. The professional obligations that govern the relationships between lawyers and their clients are provided in this effective Guide. The fundamental concepts that underlie the lawyer / client relationship are each examined and articulated in an easily understood fashion.

This paralegal 4 chart quick reference guide bundle is ideal for all paralegal students and law students.
Each law chart is laminated and consists of 4 page 8.5″ x 11″, easy-to-read facts, tips and information on each related subject matter.
This bundle includes law guides on these subjects: Legal Research, Legal Writing, Contract Law and Professional Ethics
If you want a career as a paralegal or are studying or practising law currently then you will find the information in these chart invaluable to your success
Easy-to-read to promoted memory retention. Just a great study and refresher aid.

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