PASSIVE INCOME FOR BEGINNERS 2 books in 1: Here You Will Learn: Passive Income Strategies 2020, Amazon Fba Analyzed, E-Commerce Marketing, Dominate Different Online Markets, Day Trading For A Living

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Have you decided to start your online business with the online sale of products? The goal is to search for a product, create a brand and sell multiple products in different countries where Amazon or other platforms do business. Well, in short, when you create your brand, you separate yourself from the package being literally the only seller who offers your product. In this way, you can keep all the profits 100% of the time! manage a large amount of shipping and handling in addition to their other business needs, services such as handling by Amazon manage the process of shipping the goods as they are sold. Free time often allows you to scale your business and work to find new products and work on marketing rather than work to get a package for a customer. The seller lists a product he has not purchased and a supplier sends the product to the consumer at the time of sale. This is known as drop shipping and the seller’s initial investment is much less than traditional sales. which means lower profit margins per sale rather than when funds allow. This makes dropshipping one of the main methods for beginners. But there is still a surprise for you! I inform you that you also have another possibility to make money: Shopify is the simplest e-commerce builder to help you make the process painless and simple. E-commerce is a great way to find items directly from your home. This makes Shopify a great way to sell things you do. "But aren’t there tons of competition?" YES, but it is NOT IMPORTANT! The basic strategy There are several ways you can choose to sell, but I think the best way to achieve sales success is to sell private label products.

This book will walk you through the basics of platforms through the following chapters:

• What is Amazon FBA?

• What is currently the best market strategy?

• Time is money

• Shipping and customs costs

• Get traffic

• 18 best practices

• What is dropshipping?

• What is affiliate marketing?

• How can I create a successful strategy with dropshipping and affiliate marketing?

• Things to sell online • How can I choose the right sales platform for me?

• Manage customers with excellent customer service

• What is Shopify?

• Maximize profit

• Steps in building online stores …And more

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