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IN A WORLD OF CONSTANT CHANGES, are you thinking of earning some extra money to fulfil your dreams. Then, this e-book is written for you. In this book description, passive incomes, which have become popular over the years, are referring to the ways of making money online or offline, on top of your main job. Nowadays, people are trying to have some passive incomes to earn some extra money to buy a house, to travel or to support their children up the social ladder. Are you one of them?

In this e-book, it is our pleasure to present to you six ways for you to have a general understanding of what passive incomes are all about. The six passive incomes are:
•Rental Income from Properties
•E-Media Publishing
•Affiliate Marketing
•Stock Trading
•Investment Portfolio
•High Yield Saving

Rental Incomes: Some people love the idea of earning passive incomes via renting out their purchased apartments or rooms. The landlords are then able to make money by collecting the rent, usually on a monthly or weekly basis. Contracts have to be signed by both parties to protect themselves. Besides apartments and rooms, items like cars, pianos, and computers can also be rented out to others to make some incomes.

E-Media Publishing: If you can write good books or articles, publishing in e-media could be a great idea. Some talented writers are making a great fortune by publishing their work online. The work can be blogs, books, audio, video or a combination. Kindle and Kobo are two popular brands of e-book readers. YouTube has become such a phenomenon that all types of contents are made into video and uploaded to YouTube for the world to see. Advertisements fee can be earned via this channel.

Affiliate marketing: It means you sell a product online and get commission later. There are lots of opportunities out there for you to consider. Hotel and holiday membership, health products, computer hardware and software, and more, can all be affiliate products. You can enjoy the earning by promoting these products to your families and friends.

Stock Trading: People in most parts of the world are enthusiastic about stock trading. It is a historical passive income since long time ago. There are various types of stocks you can consider. Some people rely on stock trading for retirement and some make money from stock trading to fulfil their daily needs. However, stock trading is highly risky and may require some professional knowledge and lots of effort to manage.

Investment Portfolio: Investment is an extremely diversified way of passive income. There are so many different investment approaches such as foreign exchange speculations, foreign exchange margin trading, precious metals (such as gold and silver) trading, and oil speculations. All these passive income may bring you a high return but you also need to embrace the risks involved. This type is for the aggressive type person.

High yield saving: In your local banks, you can find some banks which may offer high yield return saving plans. This type of passive income is good for those who prefer a rather stable source of passive income as there are usually plans of different time durations to suit your needs.

We believe that after reading this book, you will get an insight of what the most common ways of passive incomes are and decide for yourself what to consider. Hope you will enjoy reading this book!

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