Passive Income Ideas, Strategies and Guides for Beginners to Have Money Success in 2019: Online Business Ideas to Attract, Manifest and Save Your Money with Millionaire Mindset and Millionaire Habits

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Can you make money?

Can you save money?

Can you invest or protect your money?

Financial education is a discipline unknown to many (about 98 percent of people do not know anything on the subject of money).

It should be taught in schools because it is crucial to understand the rules of money.

Thanks to this book, you’ll discover simple steps to use to take control of your finances, regardless of your starting situation.

I will reveal the simple rules that, if applied, will help you avoid a myriad of mistakes that millions of people make every day. What matters is having the right psychology and the correct beliefs about money.

Most people do not have the right mindset or financial belief system; therefore, it is the inability to make money and the ability to lose it because of greed or inexperience.

In this book, you will understand why all this is happening.

I’ll explain:

  • The magic of compound interest and how to exploit it to your advantage;
  • The eight reasons why you’ll never become wealthy.
  • How to recognize your limiting beliefs about money and wealth.
  • How to move your financial thermometer (each of us has an unconscious limit that regulates both what we can earn each month and the maximum available capital we think we deserve.

It certainly will happen in a few months to earn more than usual, but almost certainly you will spend that extra money and you will be back in the middle of what you’ve always made without any good account of how it was spent. That is, what is your unconscious behavior: You think you do not deserve more than what you’re used to receiving on average month, and so you spend the extra you receive. If you move your financial thermometer upwards, then you will never get rich.

  • How to change your limiting beliefs about money in practice.
  • How to create your first automatic annuities.
  • Avoiding investments that may seem attractive; they are nothing more than scams.

In the text, I explained all that you will learn. You will understand what the rules that apply rich daily and that most people ignore are, even if you are starting from scratch and you have never had a proper financial education.

So listen today!

Well, now all you have to do is listen and apply all the information! 

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