Passive Income Online 2020: 2 Books in 1: Blogging and Facebook Advertising Explained

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Do you want to learn how you can make a potential of thousands a month blogging? Then keep on reading!

I’ve been blogging for several years now. I started out blogging for pleasure somewhere around 2008 and have blogged ever since. In 2009, I opened my own business and learned I could use my blog to bring customers to my company. I began diving into the mechanics of blogging and have been expanding my knowledge of SEO, advertising, and more since then.

Soon, I also began to learn about affiliate commission, paid surveys, sponsorship, and indirect monetization. It wasn’t long before I was making so much money through my blog that I didn’t need to work my business anymore, though I chose to keep it open.

Soon, I had freelance agreements, speaking commitments, membership sites, paid networks, and more. I began running courses, workshops, and classes. I started putting out books and e-books. Now, I have another avenue of helping others. I’m putting out my first book on how to make money blogging – this book. I hope you enjoy it!

How to Start a Blog: Learn the Best Techniques to Start Blogging Now. Turn Your Fans into Your Passive Income covers:

  • The 11 things that you absolutely must know when starting a blog
  • The deadly truth about profiting with blogs and how to overcome it
  • How to truly measure a blogs success
  • The secret to niche blogging
  • The best-kept secret to setting up a successful blog
  • Why design is important and how to design your blog to attract faithful readers and profit
  • What makes a great blog and stellar tips for writing it
  • A rundown and explanation of the 20 types of blogs that you won’t get elsewhere
  • How to successfully market and promote your blog to bring in substantial income
  • The secrets to search engine optimization
  • How to use social media in conjunction with your blog to earn even more money
  • How to grow your blog
  • The 28 top secrets of successful blogs
  • And more!

Even if you’re like me and are wondering how to start a blog and even if you know nothing about blogging, this book can help you! I start at the very basics and go all the way through to the nitty-gritty of SEO and monetization.

If I can do it, so can you!

Do you want to generate high ticket sales?

Do you think that the strategy you followed till now wasn’t effective?

Then, keep reading and start to grow your online business, right now.

Digital marketing and the growth of new types of customers have made several ways of earning revenue online possible. Another such route is through Facebook Ads, a major forum for anyone who wants to work with ads and affiliate programs.

Unlike what many people think, however, it takes planning and know-how to work with the internet. So, learn more about ads on Facebook.

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1 credit a month

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