Passive Income Through Dividend Growth Investing

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Generating passive income isn’t a job, it’s a mindset. Everything you do in life can take on a passive income mindset and help diversify your income streams for years to come. This includes your investment strategies. Trading stocks can be risky and requires a lot of luck. By implementing a dividend growth investing strategy, you can turn your portfolio into a cash flow machine that will one day generate monthly passive income you can live off of.

But, there are a few tricks to setting up your dividend growth investing strategy. First and foremost, you should always reinvest dividends until you need the dividend income.The growth rate when you reinvest and you don’t reinvest is outrageous. Don’t make the mistake of taking dollars now, when they can be working 5 times as hard for you in the future. (Images in the presentation)

Second, you should always be looking for solid companies with a history of dividend growth and payouts. No point in investing in a company if their dividend isn’t stable and they don’t have a track record of paying them every quarter.

And third, always make sure to think about your portfolio in the long run. The goal isn’t to make hard earned money now. Instead, think of it form the long run and imagine how great it will be 10-15 years from now when the companies in your portfolio are paying you a quarterly dividend. That’s the true definition of passive income!

Well there you go! For more, check out my blog at There’s a bunch of articles, videos and case studies on dividend growth investing and passive income. I even publish my dividend portfolio on there for all to see. Come check it out!

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