Pit Trader’s Diary: Income-generating Secrets Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know: Use “Iron Condor Options Trades” to make money whether the Market goes up or down.

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One of the ways that professional trading firms make consistent profits, regardless of the market’s direction, is through Options trading. By structuring and timing Options trades with non-directional strategies, professional traders consistently make money in up and down markets.

One of the most popular non-directional Options trading techniques utilized by the savvy Wall Street trading firms are Condor Options spreads. The concept of Condor spreads is similar to how an insurance company issues an insurance policy.

Insurance companies know statistically the probability of a loss in the near future, and they charge a premium that allows them to make a profit for the risk during that time period. The odds are always in the favor of the insurance company.

A Condor spread is based on the same strategy. You use available statistics to determine the probability of stock or index price movements in the near future, and you collect premiums by making trades on Options positions that have a very low probability of loss during that time period. You take positions where the odds are deeply in your favor. And of course, you always have a backup plan if things go wrong.

An Iron Condor – the secret trading technique I’ll share with you in this book – allows you to double your return without doubling your risk.

How popular is this strategy with Wall Street elites?

Warren Buffet makes BILLIONS of dollars most years using this Options strategy. This is the primary Options strategy Berkshire Hathaway utilizes; just check their annual 10-K filings which are available for free, and search for "equity index put Option contracts."[i]

You are holding the insider’s secrets

This book will teach you the secret Options trading strategy that Wall Street wizards use every day to put the odds in their favor. I will explain this strategy in simple straightforward terms, so you don’t need a finance degree to understand it.

The step-by-step instructions in this book cover everything you need to trade Options successfully, including: which market conditions to monitor before entering into a trade, when to start, the rules for exiting a position early, and how to do it without spending your every waking hour in front of a computer.

This book is carefully focused on essential information, so you can jump forward into trading as quickly as possible. By the end, you’ll understand how to trade Iron Condors. This book can then serve as a handy reference, with all the key factors and tips you’ll need to trade wisely.

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