PortaPow USB Data Blocker (Red 2 Pack) – Protect Against Juice Jacking

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Product Description

Following the success of our Data Block USB cables launched in 2009, 1st Gen Data Blocker USB Adaptor released in 2013 and 2nd Gen ‘SmartCharge’ Data Blocker released in 2015, we’ve now launched our 3rd Gen range of models. Many alternatives claim to be 3rd or even 4th gen when they’re similar to our 1st or 2nd gen and lacking the feature which truly sets our blocker apart – the fact you can see for yourself that it is physically blocking data.

PortaPow is a UK based company with all our products designed in-house.

PortaPow Has Wires RemovedPortaPow Has Wires Removed

The only data blocker you can see working

PortaPow has the only data blocker where the two wires which carry data have been physically removed, so you can be 100% sure it is working. You can see this for yourself just by looking at the USB connector.



Visible Security

Visible Security




A basic data blocker will send a fixed charging signal, which may result in slower charging. The PortaPow Data Blocker includes our SmartCharge chip which detects and sends the correct signal for your device, compatible with Apple, Universal or Samsung standards. This will prevent slowdown and fix charging issues in some cases – read the reviews for testimonials.

Visible Security

The two data wires have been physically removed from the USB-A connector. You can easily see this through the unique security window cut into the metal, no other data blocker has this.

Laser Etching

‘NO DATA’ and ‘PortaPow’ have been laser etched into the USB-A connector for added confidence you’ve received a genuine PortaPow product.







Compact Size

Measuring just 43x18x11mm (1.7×0.7×0.4″), its a similar size to a cable’s USB connector so won’t block neighboring sockets. Uses 25% less plastic than previous models for a lower environmental impact.

Zero-waste Packaging

The two adaptors arrive in a single bag which can be reused as a no-frills resealable case for the blocker and/or other small parts. The internal size is 60x50mm.

Data Blockers Compared

The creator of the type of hacks that our products defend against has tested our product and many of our rivals. Search for “mg.lol data blocker teardown” to read the verdict.

USB-C or AUSB-C or A

Which Data Blocker Do I Need?

This depends on the shape of the cable you use to charge your device, and the shape of the socket you want to charge from. Check the end of your cable that plugs into a charger (not the end which plugs into your device!) and match it to the image on the left, Most public chargers use a USB-A shape socket, so if your cable is also USB-A then you just need our USB-A to A data blocker, which is the one on this page. This is the most common scenario.

But if your cable is USB-C, then you need to also convert the shape to charge from public sockets. Our USB-A to C blocker does that. See below for our full range.


Our most popular version with the best balance of charging speed and security

Transparent casing and zero-chip design for maximum security

Newer phones such as the iPhone 11/12 use a USB-C shape cable for charging. This converts to the larger USB-A shape used by almost all public chargers while blocking data.

Connects between a USB-C cable and charger/device.

Cable with built in data blocking, no need for a separate cable + data blocker. Not compatible with Apple products.


Single, Twin, 5-Pack available

USB-C to USB-A converter also available

Micro USB version also available.

Attach between your USB cable and charger to physically block data transfer / syncing. Charge mobile devices without any pop-ups or risk of hacking / uploading viruses in cars, airports etc
PortaPow invented the first data blocker in the UK in 2013 and ours are now used by the governments of the USA, Canada, UK and New Zealand as well as many corporations around the world to secure their devices. 2 year worldwide warranty.
Our SmartCharge chip automatically switches between Apple, Universal and Samsung standards to ensure compatibility with your device and charge at up to 2.4A
This is our USB-A to A model. USB-C version, single and 5-pack also available. See below to see if its the right one for your device.
The only data blocker to physically show you that its blocking data and several other great features. See full details below.

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