Quickbooks: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners and Small Businesses to Master the QuickBooks Software and Learn How to Get over Bookkeeping and Accounting in a Very Simple and Efficient Way

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If you are searching for a great software for small business to get all the necessary accounting tasks done regularly without spending a hefty amount on third-party service providers…than keep reading!

Business has to maintain a set of accounting activities like payroll, cash flow, sales records, tax records and many more regularly. And even a slight fault in any of them can create a huge problem for the business. To avoid such issues, large businesses generally outsource activities like bookkeeping and accounting. But for small businesses, it’s not always an option as they lack the financial resources and so most of these are handled in-house by employees or sometimes the business owners themselves. They generally use accounting software like QuickBooks to do so.

Do you want to know what is QuickBooks?

And do you think that even the slightest mistake in accounting can cost your business everything, right from losing the goodwill to eventually getting shut down?

If you answered yes to all of this question…then this is the book for you!

QuickBooks is accounting software that can manage incomes and expenses and also keep track of your business’s financial health. QuickBooks provides bookkeeping services like updating the Book of Accounts, Ledger Maintenance, preparation of Balance Sheets, etc.

The goal of the book is simple: With the help of this audiobook, you can start to manage all accounting and bookkeeping related activities without any hassle.

You will also learn:

  • What is QuickBooks and why is it used?
  • Differences between QuickBooks bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Setting up QuickBooks.
  • Advantage and disadvantage to use QuickBooks.
  • How to use QuickBooks efficiently.
  • What is budgeting?
  • Financial reporting in QuickBooks.

Would you like to know more?

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