Residual Income Stock Photography Step #1: Why MicroStock?

Today at we are going to take you into the world of microstock photography and tell you why you should, and how you can get involved. This video is your introduction into how to put together a professional portfolio and submit it to stock agencies.

First and foremost, with the advent of the digital slr or DSLR photography is now available to everyone. If you have the drive and willpower to create images then you can do microstock. One of the really great things about microstock is that is probably will add to your current photography interests. You are probably already shooting, so why no make some income off of it, some residual passive income! Now don’t get me wrong, this is going to take some hard work, but with your hard work, you will begin to create some passive residual income.

Tune in to’s next post/video where I’ll give you the run down on what gear you can get to get started, and what you should be spending to get it.

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