Risk Forward: Embrace the Unknown and Unlock Your Hidden Genius

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"Some people in life know exactly what they want to achieve. This is a book for the rest of us." – Victoria Labalme

If you sense there's something more but you're not yet sure what it is…

If you wish you had the courage to try something new…

If you're struggling to figure out your next steps on a project, plan or path…

Risk Forward will help you find your way.

In this brief, easy-to-read, full color book "experience," acclaimed keynote speaker and performance coach Victoria Labalme shares a series of strategies that are practical, reassuring, and radically freeing.

Through these uniquely designed, whimsical, and thought-provoking pages, you'll learn:

· How to navigate through uncertainty
· The #1 question to identify what matters
· Four insights to help you find your way
· Why your disparate talents are essential to your path
· How to handle moments of indecision
· 3 key questions to ask when you get advice
· How to stay on course and know that what you do makes a difference

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