Sail Pail Best Canvas Collapsible Bucket and Compact Portable Folding Water Scoop – Lightweight & Durable for Boating, Camping, Fishing, Marine, Hunting, Outdoors – 1.25 Gallon Capacity Small

Price: $18.99
(as of May 01,2021 03:20:50 UTC – Details)

Why bother with plastic buckets and broken handles! The rigid construction of most plastic buckets makes them a big pain to store. Our canvas bucket is a better solution for campers, boaters, and everyone with limited storage space.
Not just for Boating or Marine use, this handy ‘pail’ is a ‘MUST HAVE’ for any camper, hunter, and family. So many uses, you wonder how you got along without it.

Unlike others, the Sail Pail will stay open (won’t collapse shut) when filled.


Haul water to campsite for putting out campfire.

Camping sink when doing dishes outdoors while camping or hunting.
Folds (rolls up) nicely and can be easily tucked away and stored in you backpack or gear bag.

Use in outdoor shower to hold soap/water/washclothes.


Handy pail to hang off your perch or tree stand to hold anything you want close at hand.

Green color is ready camouflaged.  Synthetic coated cotton duck canvas is whisper quiet.

Stores easily when not in use.

Use it as an ice bucket for cold drinks on a sunny day.

Car washing.

Gardening (hold tools, seeds).


Window cleaning.

At the beach (can haul sand/water/kids toys).

Winter salt for your front steps or stoop.

NOT DESIGNED TO HOLD WATER LONG TERM. Bucket dimensions are approximate and SIZES VARY SLIGHTLY – 9 inches tall x 7 inches wide (not including handle). Width measured inside the rigid rope rim is 6.5 inches. Satisfaction guaranteed.
STOW IT ANYWHERE – Soft collapsing sides and bottom with stiff rope rim doesn’t corrode. Folding premium canvas bucket crushes to save space when not being used.
USE IT FOR DRY STORAGE – HANDLE WRAPS ONTO BARS, handrails, handles, and MORE. The perfect fishing caddy and marine sail bag that won’t go overboard. CLIPS or CARABINERS not required.
RIM stays open when bucket is full, and constructed using TOP QUALITY PREMIUM CANVAS bucket construction.
DIMENSIONS: – Approximate Sizing – 9 inches tall, and 6.5 inches inside rim diameter. Holds 1.25 gallons of liquid. Perfectly sized for hauling water from a moving boat without pulling you overboard. Collapses to 3 inches flat, and rolls to the size of travel mug.
PERFECT FOR: Camping, Sail Bag, Hunting, Car Washing, Gardening, Pets, and So MUCH MORE.

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