Sales Letter Shortcut (Earn More in Less Time) (The Digital Writer)

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Sales Letter Shortcut gives you a step-by-step sales letter template that will help you make more for every word you write.

Most writers aren’t happy with their writing career. That’s because making a good living as a writer can be difficult.

The Internet is flooded with freelance writers in search of opportunity – a successful writing career offers unlimited potential for those writers willing to work hard and climb their way to the top.

Pay is solid, flexibility fantastic and (let’s face it) the commute is about as good as it gets! Yet in no time at all, most writers find themselves stuck on the hamster wheel, running in circles and unable to free themselves from the indentured servitude of slave wage copy.

Sure, top-tier copywriters are earning a buck or more per word, but the freelance bidding sites are posting jobs at the abysmal rate of a dollar an article. Sometimes lower.

Learning to write an effective sales letter is a shortcut to leaving keyword copy behind forever so you can finally start making the money you deserve!

Ask any seasoned copywriter – there’s no skill more lucrative than being able to write an effective sales letter. Yet most writers never even try.

Writing a sales letter is EASY, so long as someone is willing to show you the way.

This book not only shows you HOW to write a sales letter, but walk you through it, step-by-step.

Learn the ART of writing a sales letter and it will be infinitely easier to build a rabid fan base, eager for every word you write.

Effective sales copy is about driving behavior. Whether you want your readers to buy your products, tweet your posts, or turn your pages, knowing precisely what makes them tick is what will get you typing from the peak of the pyramid.

That’s EXACTLY what Sales Letter Shortcut will show you how to do.

Soon you’ll be able to fly through your rough draft without trolling the Internet on an information safari, wondering who and what you can trust. You’ll also learn how to organize your research so it works for YOU.

Sales Letter Shortcut shows you EXACTLY how to:

Write your sales with speed (without sacrificing a single syllable of quality)

Brainstorm the smart way (and turn minutes of research into sales letter GOLD)

Tap into the same fears, pain points and frustrations that will lead to subscribers, sales and lifelong customers

Use the exact formula millionaire copywriters use to write effective sales copy without wasting their valuable time

Outline and organize your sales letter for MAXIMUM impact

Position your headlines and sequence your copy to keep your reader reading all the way from the headline at the top to your Call to Action at the bottom

Race through your rough draft for a sales letter that converts

Understand the TRUE difference between features and benefits

Position your offer so your reader finds it hard (if not impossible) to say no

Quickly revise your sales letter (to triple its impact)

Sales Letter Shortcut is the book that will give you the sales letter writing basics you need to start earning more for every word you write.

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