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To inspire you to save and use your money more wisely, I am kick starting Round 2 of The $1,000 Project. You can following along with this project to pay down debt, save up for a particular item, start investing or even bring on an early retirement! The choice is yours and you create the rules!

My goal for The $1,000 Project is to get the dividend income up to $4,000 p.a. by October 2017. So far the portfolio generates a dividend income of $1,700 p.a. which is now being reinvested so that I can make the most of compounding interest opportunities. The passive income will go to another charity at the end of the challnege in 12 months time.

Also, everytime I do something to save money or earn extra money, I will take a photo and put it on my Instagram account and hashtag #the1000project (no $ sign). So if you are doing The $1,000 Project, I encourage you to share your ideas for saving money and help inspire others…so that we are working as a community. I will also try to regram your images where you have hashtagged #the1000kproject

Remeber, you don’t need to be bying shares and I am not recommending this as an investment to you but chasing this strategy for my goals for the challenge.

You can also check out my The $1000k Project Playlist!


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