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Let me ask you a few simple questions? 

What if you had the same technological power used by major websites like and, that they
use to sell their advertising  space? 

What if you could harness this powerful technology  and use it on your own website basically for free?

How much money could you make if you could increase your advertising dollars automatically, just like the major websites do?


Well now you can, because I’m going to show you step-by-step how you can setup your very own ad serving network for free! So that you can  effectively start sell advertising space on your site,  increase your blog profits, improve your affiliate commissions and Google Adsense checks by improving your conversions of placed advertisements! 

I know what you’re thinking….
What makes this training series potentially so profitable?

For one you’ll be discovering a free alternative to a solution that businesses are spending major dollars on right now. Just that information alone is worth thousands! You will also discover exactly how powerful this rarely talked about software is and how you can easily use it to rake in BIG advertising profits!

With this software you will be able to effectively mange and charge for your advertising space on your website.

You are going to learn exactly how to:

  • Easily setup this powerful free software!
  • To quickly track your advertising clicks.
  • Sell impression space.
  • Sell clicks on your site from banners, links, and more!
  • Do all of this without having to pay a programmer or find an
    expensive solution.

Your profits will soar once you tap in to all of the
ad revenue you’ve been leaving on the table!

Don’t want to sell as space… This software can still increase profits overnight !

Let’s say you don’t want to sell advertising space, this software can still help you greatly increase your affiliate profits literally overnight! This software enables you to track your affiliate campaigns, so you know exactly which banners and ads are getting clicks and you
can also track to see which placements are working best for you. Beyond that you can even use it rotate banners and test click-thru’s so that you will always know which ad is performing best.

Say for example if you have 2 banners for the same affiliate product of the same size you can place those banners in the same spot and this software will randomly and evenly display that advertisement, so over the course of a day or week or month you can look at the stats and see which banner is getting better click- thru’s. This way you will know to always use that banner instead.  Did I mention that you can use this software over unlimited websites with no extra cost?

OK, the software sounds amazing, but how hard is it to use?

Don’t worry, you only need a standard hosting account and the ability to upload files to your server. If you don’t know know how it’s no problem, because I’ll show you how to do this and so much more in this easy to follow video series!

You will require a basic FTP program such as Filezilla (also free) and your hosting company must offer PHP and MySQL (most of them do) and if they don’t, you should consider switching

Now let’s go over exactly what is included in this video training package:

You’ll receive:

Lesson 1: Overview of System 13:34Lesson 2: Where to Download This Free Special Software 3:09

Lesson 3: How to Easily Setup Your MySQL Database 4:48

Lesson 4: Uploading Your Special Software Files 5:26

Lesson 5: Installing the Software on Your Web Host 6:14

Lesson 6: How to Quickly Setup Campaigns 17:06

Lesson 7: More on Setting Up Your Campaigns 2:45

Lesson 8: Setup Your Affiliate Campaigns 7:37

Lesson 9: Checking Statistics and Testing Your Ads 3:22

Resource Document

You’ll also receive a special resource document that includes
links to additional online tutorials on how to get the most out of
this amazing software and help you achieve the best possible

The document is very brief, but powerful
because of the information it gives  you access to!

Most importantly you will discover where to go to find
and download this incredible free software, because if
you didn’t know where to look you would never find it.

Ok I’m hooked… What’s all of this going to cost me?

For a very limited time I am letting you have access to this entire video package for only $9. and to make this even more profitable for you I am including the Master Resale Rights to this entire  package as an extra bonus complete with an exact copy of this sales page, a ready to go download page and graphics! This is a ridiculous price for so much value but you must act fast!

This is an introductory price and a chance for you to be one of the first ones to access this truly unique video series and start profiting from it  for a fraction
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Reimund Lube

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PPS. In order to keep their value high to all buyers the only restriction is that you can’t give the videos away for free.

You can rest assured that I am giving you rights so you can make this hugely profitable, but I am also careful to protect your rights as well and that is why I am not allowing these videos to be given away, uploaded to video hosting sites.

Important Note: I am not selling the rights to the software, nor am I selling the software in anyway shape or form. I am selling  rights to the how-to training videos on how to use this software effectively, and I am also selling the information on where to find the software, but no software is for sale.

License Terms

[Yes] Can be sold
[Yes] Can be offered as a bonus to a paid product
[Yes] Can be included in “paid” membership sites
[Yes] Can Pass Resale Rights
[Yes] Can Pass Master Resale Rights

[Yes] Can be combined with other offers.
[Yes] Can be turned into a DVD
[Yes] Can sell on
[Yes] Includes Sales Page
[No] Can pass Private Label Rights
[No] Can be used as web free content
[No] Can be given away free
[No] Can be uploaded to YouTube or other video hosting sites.
[No] Can be sold as a WSO.
[No] Can offer as a bonus to a WSO, or resell on the Warrior
Forum as a Classified


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