Shopify: Beginners Guide to Increase Your Passive Income. Earn with a Dropshipping E-commerce Business Company to Increase Your Online Empire by Getting Your Financial Freedom.

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Do you want to create your online store on an e-commerce platform with your URL?

Starting an online business needs an efficient e-commerce software. When you choose an ideal software, it can make it easier to build your website and manage it. You can efficiently automate all the operations and focus on increasing your customers and sales.

Shopify is a perfect e-commerce software which offers all requirements of managing a store online including web design, hosting, payment processing, merchant tools, and various other capabilities. At a time when e-commerce platforms are vying to offer the most advanced but complicated solutions, Shopify attracts users with is simplified shopping cart design. While being simplified, it does not compromise on the essential features.

Shopify eliminates the hassles of having to deal with self-hosting, maintaining servers, and other time-consuming functions. The auxiliary apps help in enhancing the entire store set up from the management of inventory to contacting customers during and after the sale. The author of this book Peter Grand teaches step by step how to maximize the potential of this platform and achieve financial freedom!

Thus, entrepreneurs availing the services of Shopify can rest assured that they can have their entire attention on their core business function, instead of having to deal with the hassles of website building and management of shopping cart. With Shopify, you can forget about lag or downtime. All upgrades and maintenance are taken care of expertly by Shopify.

The e-commerce platform has an impressive list of clients to attest its reliability such as General Electric, Cross Fit, Amnesty International, Tesla Motors, and more. It has the required infrastructure to deal with your business cost-effectively and reliably.  It believes in simplified management of your business.

In this audiobook, you will learn:

  • The different Shopify plans
  • Plans for developing a brand, product sourcing, and website setup
  • Platforms for building your store
  • Launching your store and getting the first sale in no time flat
  • Ways for setting up your Shopify store
  • Steps to establish additional sales channels
  • Risks involved and major pitfalls to be avoided
  • Business models that Shopify can be used for
  • Marketing ideas for your products
  • And much more…

Are you ready for this new online world by relying on a very simplified e-commerce platform? Shopify for your online business will be the most prudent and profit-churning decision you will make!

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