Sickened: How the Government Ruined Healthcare and How to Fix It

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For as long as I live, my wife, Janet and I will never forget that day.
A pivotal moment in our career as compounding pharmacists that forever changed everything.

Back in 2001, a morbidly obese patient came into our pharmacy. She was on around 20 different medications, ranging from high blood pressure to diabetes to high cholesterol. And they were costing her… Nothing.

We were creating no value in her life.
She didn’t care who we were.
She didn’t care about the medications.
She didn’t care about how they worked, or anything related because it was costing her nothing…

WE were a part of the problem (regardless of economic policy or what’s learned in pharmacy school). Janet and I decided to change our commitment, and thus, our system.

Click BUY to learn what we did in 2002 as a business and economic solution that was in alignment with our 100% commitment to enable others to ACTUALLY better their health

… which leads to better families,
… which leads to better communities.

(and how if you’re a healthcare provider, aspiring pharmacology entrepreneur, interested in relevant pragmatic or deconstruction examples, or saving money for your own family… YOU can make a difference, too)…

Our eyes and hearts were forever opened. Our commitment shifted that day to be a part of a positive solution. Period.

In Sickened: How the Government Ruined Healthcare and How to Fix It, learn Shawn’s 6-Step framework.

Practical. Proven. Common sense (with a twist). And jaw dropping patient and provider stories! Click to BUY, learn, save money, and be empowered.

For current or future pharmacy professionals, pharmacology students interested in learning how to make a REAL difference, interested in how to run a successful pharmacy business… medical professionals interested in examples and solutions for caregiving and medical ethics…


For those interested in not only a practical application of the philosophy of pragmatism and deconstruction, but ALSO economic policy in healthcare as it relates to the political science of our American government.

You’re not alone if you’re wondering if making changes in our current healthcare system is really a pipe dream or is doable for the average American today. This is the most exciting time in our country’s history to be a problem solving, solution focused, health care entrepreneur today and in the coming 20+ years.

There IS a better way & hope for Healthcare in American… to ThinkOutsideTheSystem because OptimalHealthMatters.

Join the Movement.


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