SNAN Money Counter Portable, Bill Counting Machine with UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Bill Detector, Cash Counter with Add/Batch Modes, Dual Displays, Hidden Handle, 1000 Bills/Min – Doesn’t Count Bill Value

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SNAN MC01——Portable Bill Counter

Portable Bill CounterPortable Bill Counter

24 Months Return and Exchange

NOTE: MC01 money counter can detect fake bill (Only for US dollar), count number of bills (for most bills), but not bill denomination

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Weighs only 8.3lb(3.8kg), SNAN MC01 is a portable, compact , lightweight yet powerful Money Counter. Thanks to its small body, it could save you a lot of space on your desk. With a hidden handle, multi-displays and 9 anti-counterfeiting detection methods, MC01 is surely the top pick for private or company use.


Weight: 8.3 lb
Dimensions: 11.2 x 9.6 x 6.1 inch
Counting Speed: >1000 bills/minute
Counting Range: 1~9999
Preset Range: 1~100
Power source: 110V, 50Hz
Power consumption: ≤60W

Once Use It, Never Go Back

Once Use It, Never Go BackOnce Use It, Never Go Back

Still Counting Bills Manually? Time to Say Goodbye

Bill Counting and Detection is a time-consuming and laborious task. SNAN MC01 does all the counting for you by improving accuracy and eliminating errors, saving your time greatly.

How does this product improve your productivity and quality of life?

Protect Business from Counterfeits
Faster Counting and Save Your Time
Eliminate Human Errors
No More Waiting and Win Customers

200 Bills Hopper Capacity

200 Bills Hopper Capacity

Counts > 1000 Bills/Minute

Counts > 1000 Bills/Minute

Rich Accessories

Rich Accessories

200 Bills Hopper Capacity

Up to 200 pcs note at one time, smaller size with large capacity, MC01 helps you count bills efficiently and conveniently

Counts > 1000 Bills/Minute

With built in High-speed Motors, this machine could count bills over 1000 pcs per minute. It’s time to free your hand and save your time!

Rich Accessories

We provide you with abundant and practical accessories:

1 x Money marker,1 x External display, 1 x Brush, 1 x Rubber, 120 x Bill Wrappers, 1 x Power cord line,1 x User manual,


Multiple Operation Modes

Counting and Detection Mode: Counts and detects simultaneously

Counting Only Mode: Counts only, no detection

Auto/Manual Mode: Counts automatically or manually when place bills in the hopper

Add Up Mode: Counts bills and adds it to the previous counting number

Reset Mode: Press to clear to zero and restart

Batch Mode: Set a “batch number”(number of bills to count) using the [+1] and [-10] buttons

When the batch number is reached,the counter will be automatically stopped every time

Error CodesError Codes

Error Codes

EE1: Fake or suspect bill detected by UV

EE2: Fake or suspect bill detected by MG

EE4: Broken bill detected | Counting sensors are dirty or don’t work

EE5: Two bills are counting as one

EE6: Fake or suspect bill with different located magnetic detected by MG

EE7: The slanting bill is checked out

EE8: Bill width size is smaller than 30 mm

EE9: Bill width size is longer than 85mm

BF: Wheels running without feeding bills

80% of all operational issues are cause by dust or dirt in the counter. Periodically clean your counter to ensure effective use. (E01, E02, E03, E04, E05 error code means dirty cleaning needed)

Small Size With Hidden  HandleSmall Size With Hidden  Handle

💰 Precise Detection: 9 anti-counterfeiting detection methods makes counterfeit, ripped or damaged bills have nowhere to hide: Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR), Magnetic (MG), Metal Thread (MT), Dimensional, Thickness, Paper Quality Verification, Fluorescence analysis and Color Changing Ink. Counterfeit Detection Rate of 1/100000. (The cash counter only counts the number of bills, not denominations)
💰 Lightweight and Portable: Weighs only 3.8kg/8.3lb, this bill counter is light and compact enough to save a lot of space on your counter. With small hidden handle, you could carry it with one hand. This high-quality lightweight cash counter is surely the top pick for private or company use.
💰 Powerful and Efficient: With upgraded and enhanced motor, this high speed money counter can count more than 1000 bills/min without jamming; 200 hopper capacity max helps you complete banknote counting faster. Three detection modes (UV MG IR ) could be used simultaneously or separately to ensure the most precise outcome. Count, add, and batch modes make money counting never so efficient.
💰 Easy to Use: This cash counter machine is equipped with the count display and an external display to provide accurate, immediate and clear counting result for you and the client. All kinds of related status also will be shown in this screen, such as working modes or error codes. Self-check is performed at startup to prevent banknote counting in case of failures; Less buttons, more convenient operation.
💰 What You Get: 1 x SNAN MC01 Bill Counter, 1 x Power Cord, 1 x Banknote tester pen, 1 x Brush ,1 x External display, 1 x Spare parts, 1 x User manual (This machine does not distinguish denomination of the bills)

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