Social Media Marketing Secrets 2021: 3 Books in 1: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, The Ultimate Guide For Beginners to Master Advertising, Grow your Audience, Boost your Business and Make More Money

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  • Would you like to get popular on social?

  • Are you tired of making contents barely shared by your mum?

  • Why does that weirdo get so many likes?

  • How did that influencer get all of those followers?

If this is what you’ve been wandering… well, get in line! You are facing the tough world of social media. Sure, you are original, determined and highly skilled in your field, daily producing cool contents; but, somehow, you keep being a nobody, while that pimply teenager with some lame video gets popular. There’s nothing more frustrating! What’s missing to your business? A strategy! And, lucky you, we’ve got what’s right for you.

We are going to provide you the tools to grow your audience on Facebook, raise your followers on Instagram and increase your views on Youtube.

We are going to show you how to profit through a low advertising investment.

You will stop working hard for poor incomes. You will acquire up to date knowledge to make higher revenues with less effort.

This book includes: 3 manuscripts


  • All you need to know about Facebook

  • How to use Facebook for your business

  • How to make an effective Facebook page

  • 10 secrets about Facebook ads and how to exploit them at best

  • 21 facts that will make you monetize through Facebook

  • How to increase your audience in 3 easy steps


  • 99 tips  you must know about Instagram

  • How to make a high quality content 

  • 7 ways to profit through Instagram

  • How to make the best income with the minimum investment

  • How to make a passive income with your business on Instagram in 2020

  • 10 secrets to grow your audience in 2020


  • What is Youtube how it works

  • 7 steps to make a good youtube content

  • How to use Youtube for your own business

  • 5 tools to improve and grow your channel

  • 10 ways to monetize through Youtube

  • How to make a passive income with Youtube

With these simple tips you will be able to rule the jungle of social media marketing and smash the competitors. This books will provide you the capability to make real high quality contents to profit by and generate a consistent and long lasting passive income.

Do you need more? Do you think that reading some books won’t  be the solution to your problems? 

Don’t worry about that! We took care of this too!

In fact the bible is provided of many concrete examples and practical exercises to train you to put into practice every skill you will acquire.

Well, these are the tools you needed, the only step missing is your action!



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