Social Power Hour 2018: Online Stores Powered by YouTube & Instagram Marketing for Beginner Ecommerce Marketers – Selling Through Social Media Marketing

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Prepare yourself with the coming financial collapse.

Start taking control of your own destiny and never rely on anybody to give you financial stability.
I understand that this may sound like "doom and gloom," but it’s better to be prepared than to risk your family’s financial capability in the future. Start your own internet business today… no experience or expertise required.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll uncover in this bundle:

YouTube Amazon Program
– The best categories to target for Amazon affiliate marketing
– The type of products that will most likely sell on YouTube
– The exact tools you need for your reviews
– How to choose a proper title for your video
– How to create a video review without buying the product yourself
– Examples of scripts to say on your video! (this is gold!)
– This one little thing that you can do to get "bonus" sales from products you aren’t even promoting
– The criteria that will increase your chances of only selling awesome products
– How to properly upload your video with YouTube SEO in mind
– How to boost your video rankings in 1-3 weeks…sometimes, even 48 hours or less!
– What to do after creating your first review to guarantee that you’ll increase profits fast!

Shopify Instagram Without Advertising
– How to find a niche that will make you lots of money
– What to do next after finding your best niche
– How to research products that are proven money makers
– How to create a Shopify store from complete scratch
– The one store settings that you should never forget to check… or you won’t get any visitors at all on your website!
– Step by step instructions on how to create a product listing that converts
– How to never worry about new content ever again
– How to reach out to other users so you can re-use their photo
– The 7 things to consider (and put on your post) when posting a new content
– Why the HASHTAGS are the most important tool in growing your Instafollowers
– How to sell your products without being "salesy" or annoying…

If you’re ready to take action and take control of your own destiny, then this is for you.

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