Start a Creative Recycling Side Hustle: 101 Ideas for Making Money from Sustainable Crafts Consumers Crave

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What if I told you there were multiple ways to make money from repurposed plastic, newspapers, aluminum cans, used clothes and other waste destined for landfills?

Start a Creative Recycling Side Hustle gives examples of people around the world who are thriving in the gig economy selling recycled trash.

They have learned how to tap into the mega-trend: be a sustainable business:

  • Consumers (almost 90% according to Forbes) want earth-friendly products that help save the planet.
  • Etsy has seen a forty-three percent year-over-year rise in all categories for eco-friendly items (source:
  • Lyst, a curator of fashion trends, has seen a 75% increase in searches for sustainable fashion since 2019.
  • Repurposing trash not only supports a circular economy, it’s profitable. Multiple surveys report shoppers will pay more for environmentally friendly products (Fortune.)

If you are concerned about environmental issues, Creative Recycling describes side gig ideas to take you from waste bin to your wallet. You will discover:

* Recycled crafts to make that consumers crave (and the evidence to back up that claim).
* How to get into and stand out on Etsy, Amazon, at craft shows and everywhere else.
* How to price your work for top dollars and not lose money.
* A marketing plan with over 101 ideas.
* Best social media marketing practices to promote your side hustle on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.
* SEO tools that reveal the exact search terms buyers use to find sustainable products like yours.
* How to use influencer marketing to get your small business mentioned in the media.
* How to use the top crowdfunding sites to raise money to grow your sidehustle. And more!

You can make money on the side while making a difference. Own a copy of this book and start today. 

Paying off student loans? Start a side hustle and help the planet, too.

Author’s note: Love her or hate her, Greta Thunberg has drawn wide attention to climate change. A cartoon reading “Make America Greta Again” sparked the idea for this book, though I’m not a political activist. I believe those who can make a real difference are businesses: large – small – even side hustles. And if you can get paid to help save the planet, what’s wrong with that? I hope this book inspires you to be part of the change you want to see in the world.

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