Step By Step: How I Made $12,948 Last Month (PROOF) | Passive Income Tutorial

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I NEVER do these kinds of videos. I’m opposite of those guys who flash wealth 24/7. That said, last month something BIG happened. It was my most successful month in business EVER. A lot of you know how long It’s taken me to get here – I’ve documented this entire process live with you. You can even go back on my old video and SEE the struggle, ups, and downs. All this is my way of saying it doesn’t happen overnight, but hopefully, this UP moment inspires you to keep pushing and keep grinding until you make it happen!

If this makes you uncomfortable – DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO! Lots more journaling/book summaries later this month. One last legal disclaimer: I’m not promising anything in this video. I am simply sharing my own experience and own success. Thanks for your awesome support these past years. Here’s to crushing 2017 and beyond with you!

Stop Settling Start Living

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1. Course Launch
Around $13,000
Video Breakthrough Academy
PLF strategy
Email Marketing List walkthrough

2. YouTube Channel
Around $2,000
Creating videos
Passive Income: Video assets
Choose the RIGHT videos
Grows over time.
Affiliate marketing — one video made me $500 off course last month
Kindle ebook — promote in video build launch list.
Earn the right to talk about things.
BIG TIPS: go where people are fishing, model channels, understand your niche, don’t quit.

3. Coaching Consulting
Help other do the same
Most rewarding part! I LOVE active income.
Guest speaking to mastermind groups

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*Earnings Disclaimer*
Income statements made by this video are ONLY estimates only of what we think you can possibly earn. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual.

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