Stilvolle Tools Survival Dog tag Tool Minus Driver That Contains The 5 Features to Help Survival Dog tag-5 Survival time of The Dog tag Size, Lures/Trap Lock × 2, Arrowhead, Hook × 2 (Black)

Price: $5.85
(as of May 04,2021 03:02:25 UTC – Details)

American Air Force Emergency Escape Training Course SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) Tools available for emergency, disaster, emergency escape from the idea of ​​acquirer

American military training course SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) Acquired by the idea of ​​the team’s idea Developed constantly portable minimum emergency accessories Survival tool

It consists only of the most important tools to survive in a survival situation.

This card and dog tag will be made of stainless steel boasting the strongest possible strength while maintaining light weight.

Emergency minimum accessory survival tool

Using various arrowheads, it is possible to make arrows and spears for hunting. With fishing hooks and trap locks it is possible to set up multiple lines and traps in various places.

In addition to the survival card · 12 (sold separately), a thousand letters, needles, tweezers, and large and small saws can be used in cutting emergency ropes, wires and wood.

The survival / dog tag 5 has five functions necessary for the smallest size to be worn as a fashion item.

5 functions mounted in dog tag size Accessory × survival tool

Product Name: Survival / Dog Tag · 5
Product number: UK-04A02 / UK-04A02B
Color Variation: Silver / Black

Number of installed functions: 5
Equipped functions: minus screwdriver, lure / trap lock × 2, arrowhead, fish hook × 2, fishing hook / split ring for lure
Product Description: Accessory × Survival Tool
5 Functions are included in the dog tag size and always wearable survival tool.

Equipped functions: 5
Built-in function: flat-head screwdriver, lure / trap lock × 2, arrowhead, hook × 2, split ring for the hook / lure

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