StrictlyStability Wrist Brace for Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, Tendonitis Support Fitting Both Hands (Universal)

Price: $15.99
(as of Jun 11,2021 21:05:44 UTC – Details)

The StrictlyStability Wrist Brace is designed to combat carpel tunnel, arthritis, tendonitis and more. The breathable materials release excess heat and moisture to keep hand dry and comfortable when wearing. Our brace features one splint that curves over the palm to provide a moderate support for injured wrists. Wear the brace on BOTH hands by removing the splint and sliding it in the upper slit provided. If you remove the splint, make sure the splint curves around the palms ensuring that it’s right side up. To find relief soon, order now!
STABILIZE YOUR WRIST – Stabilizing and supporting the wrist, this lightweight wrist brace by StrictlyStability provides maximum support to reduce pain and inflammation and prevent re-injury. Fully adjustable, the compression brace retains therapeutic heat to improve circulation and promote healing. This comfortable brace allows the full use of your hand, so you can easily complete everyday activities.
REMOVABLE SPLINT FOR UNIVERSAL & FLEXIBLE USE – A lightweight, durable aluminum splint stabilizes the wrist in a neutral position for optimal relief. You may wear the brace on EITHER HAND by simply removing and replacing the splint into the other provided slit. Removing the splint completely also allows you more flexibility while providing adequate wrist support if you had desire to wear without the splint.
CUSTOMIZABLE COMPRESSION THERAPY – Three adjustable straps allow you to customize the amount of compression to effectively reduce pain, inflammation and swelling. Great support brace for arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, repetitive stress injury, post-surgery, sprains and strains.
ORDER NOW – Universally sized to accommodate most hand sizes. The breathable neoprene keeps your hand and wrist cool and comfortable throughout the day.

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