Table Fables II: The World-Builder’s Handbook

Price: $11.99
(as of Jun 09,2021 02:23:42 UTC – Details)

Tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder are amazing things, but no matter which edition you play, the characters always need an interesting world to explore. Building these unique, colorful, vibrant worlds can be a heavy burden to bear.

Table Fables II: The World-Builder’s Handbook is a labor of love – over 100 illustrated pages of tables and generators designed to make the burden of being a world-builder a little easier. Every table is focused on creating unique lands and filling them with adventures and encounters for your players. Just a few of the tables include: a full dungeon generator, quest generators, loot tables, villain motives, planet builders and god generators, all compiled to help you create an interesting and memorable world. Whether you are new to the world of tabletop gaming or a veteran, Table Fables II: The World-Builder’s Handbook will help you uncover a unique world of magic for you and your players. Thanks for reading, and happy gaming.

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